File-Sharing App WeTransfer Banned in India

WeTransfer Banned in India, Indian government has banned popular file-sharing app ‘WeTransfer’ citing National Security. The banned was sanctioned by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) and department had already communicated the notice to the Internet service providers to ban the WeTransfer website. The WeTransfer was the popular file sharing application in India, which was used to transfer files up to 2GB to the recipients.

The major reason for gaining the popularity by We transfer was due to restriction of sending more than 1 GB files through eMail. Popular eMail applications like or Gmail can share maximum 1 GB file at a time, where as WeTransfer, users could send heavy files including videos and images up to 2 GB. We transfer users need to move the other applications for sharing the bigger files.

WeTransfer Banned in India, There are few top alternatives

Google Drive

The Online storage services by Google. This application is equally popular, especially in the corporate communications.  It is the most secure and easy way to transfer heavy files over emails. Gmail users are by default have access to Google Drive with 15GB storage. To send a heavy file, you need to upload the video, files to transfer.

Post uploading the files, a link will be generated to share. Additionally, the owner of the files may choose to permit the people to view and edit the files.


Dropbox is very old and one of the most popular file-sharing app. The may be good alternative, it is in fact a better alternative to the WeTransfer app. This is free to use app. Dropbox is providing free 2GB storage space which is expandable up to 2TB or 3TB with the plus and premium package. You can allow people to either view or edit the files. The recipients can even comment on the file.

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