Personal Data Leaked Online – 1 Lakh Indian IDs on Dark Net For Sale

Personal Data Leaked Online, over 1 Lakh Indian Ids are available online for Sale, the personal data includes scanned copies of Aadhaar details and other IDs, PAN card and passport. These data are put on dark web for sale. Cyber intelligence firm Cyble has informed the data leaked. Company has also informed that the leaked data seems to have originated from a third party applications and not from the government system.

“We came across a non-reputed actor who is currently selling over 1 lakh Indian National IDs on the dark net. With such a low reputation, ideally, we would have skipped this; however, the samples shared by the actor intrigued our interest – and also the volume. The actor is alleged to have access to over 1 lakh IDs from different places in India,” Cyble said.

The leaked personal data may be misuse for various activities such as phishing, fake calls, identity thefts, scams, and corporate espionage. These data may be used to fool people over a phone call for fraudulent activities in their bank accounts. The Cyble researchers acquired around 1,000 IDs from the seller and confirmed that the scanned IDs belong to Indians.

The scanned ID documents indicate that the data may have been leaked from a company’s data base in the segment where they have to comply with ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) norms. The Cyble researchers have also learned about a surge in KYC and banking scams — leaks such as this are often used by scammers to target individuals, especially old people.

As the personal data leaked online, it is advised to refrain from sharing personal information especially financial information over phone, e-mail or SMS. Further, it is advisable to monitor the financial transactions on regular intervals and report if finds any suspicious transaction.

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