Who can’t fill the Form 15G or 15H ? Download New Format 15G/15H

Download New Format 15G/15H – Income Tax Department has provided the New Format 15G/15H Forms from AY 2013-14. This new 15G and 15H forms to filled by all individual Tax payers who have had Interest Income other than salary or Pensions i.e. from Bank’s FD, Postal Fixed Deposit, Senior Citizen Saving Scheme and doesn’t want to deduct the TDS at source.

You may save your TDS, just follow the instruction here.

There are lot of confusion in filling 15G and 15H forms i.e. Who can fill the form of 15G or 15H and Who doesn’t ? Just follow the guidelines :

Who can’t fill the Form 15G or 15H ?

1. Only such individual who have had NIL tax liabilities.

2. Any individual having Interest Income more than the basic Income Tax slab rates like if anyone having interest income of Rs 3,00,000/- and wanted to fill the form 15G or 15H than he can’t. Read for latest Income Tax Slabs.

3. One may submit the 15G or 15H if Interest income is more than at any of the bank branches and in case of company deposit more than Rs 5,000

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Fill and submit the 15G and 15H in new format only to Save Tax : Download 15G and 15H

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