Top 6 Equity Mutual Funds For Investors Through SIP

Which is the Top 6 Best Performing Equity Mutual Funds For Investors Through SIP ? –  A very common question from Investor to Investment experts. First time small investor in Mutual funds are scare of Mutual funds investment due to poor performance of equity in the past three to five years.

What ever the reason may be but the phenomenon says that the equity mutual funds are the best way for small investors to build a solid equity portfolio. A best tool to kill the small returns killed by rising inflation.

If you are the First time Mutual Funds Investor and wanted to invest a small amount through SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), Our recommendation says ?

Franklin India Blue chip Fund : A performing  Large-cap fund with good earning record.

Birla Sun Life Equity Fund : A  large-cap stocks, with a small exposure to mid-caps. 

SBI FMCG Fund : This is although thematic fund but a very performing. I personally use this fund for last three years, It is giving a very good outperforming returns.

ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Fund : A large-cap diversified equity fund. This funds are made by top 100 best performing stocks.

SBI Emerging Businesses Fund : This is the fund which invest in large funds as well as in small-cap as well as mid-cap stocks also. 

IDFC Premier Equity Fund : A good mid caps fund for consistent performance, in the last five years the fund has given 19.08% returns.


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