How To Calculate Income Tax On Salary 2012-13 ? Download Excel Utility

Income Tax Calculator to compute  your Taxable Income for Financial Year 2012-13. I have found that there are lot of confusion and fuss towards calculating the Income Tax on Salary. The computation of Income tax is little confusing but not difficult. Based on the various parameters of Income Tax 2012-13 I have prepared the simple Excel Utility for calculating the Income Tax for Assessment Year 2013-14. This Utility for Income Tax calculator can be used by and salaried or non-salaried with ease.

This Utility can be effectively used by Bank Employees for Calculating their Income Tax.

This utility can calculate the Income Tax based on all parameters like Salary and Allowances, House Property, Capital Gains, Income from other sources etc. The perquisites on SBI Rate is also inbuilt under this tool.

One can calculate deductions available from the Taxable Income under various Sections of Income Tax Act including the HRA tax rebate calculation  and Perquisites on various perks and concessional loans.

This Income Tax Calculator Utility is easy to use, Just Follow the below steps  :

1. Download the Utility for Income Tax Calculator For Financial year 2012-2013 : Income Tax Calculator Download

2. Enter the required data as given in the Utility

3. Calculate the Tax and Generate the Form 16

If you find any error in this Income Tax Calculator Utility, Just Ask it here !!


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  1. Income Tax calculator for FY 2013-14 will be updated soon

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