How To Transfer PPF Account From Post Office To SBI Bank ?

Transfer PPF (Public Provident Fund) account with Post Office or any banks to SBI Bank to get the benefit of Online Fund Transfer through NEFT or Internet Banking for easy access. Such services are not provided by Post office where it is very hectic to deposit money.

Learn in few easy steps to transfer PPF account from Post Office

1. Keep your Post Office Pass Book updated with date you have planned to transfer to SBI

2. Download the PPF account transfer Form Here

3. Fill this form and submit along with Request Application and Address / ID proof with SBI account passbook copy

4. After successful verification the PPF account will transfer to SBI Bank along with all the balance

5. Visit Your SBI branch and get the New passbook for transferred PPF account and be sure to check the balance amount transferred from post office

6.For getting the fast process of calculation of Interest Try to do it in the month of March, so that the interest of the whole year can be calculated.

7. Date of Maturity of PPF account will be same as earlier. Please verify with SBI bank.

The only thing which look after is the Interest part. Always verify the Interest of the month whether added or not while transferring the PPF account by Post offices or banks.

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