How to link Facebook Business Page with WhatsApp Business ?

WhatsApp Business Updates – The new whatsapp updates has started linking the Facebook business page. With this feature, companies will be able to get the necessary information of their Facebook directly on WhatsApp. Not only this, they will also be able to gather information about Facebook ads through it.

WhatsApp Business users can now take the necessary information by directly syncing their company’s Facebook page to their Whatsapp mobile number. This feature will work on Android as well as iOS devices. The primary purpose of Whatsapp is to bridge the communication gap between small businesses and their customers.

With the latest Facebook-link update, WhatsApp users will be able to get the necessary information from their company’s Facebook page. After this new update companies will also be allowed to run Facebook ads clicking on WhatsApp.

How to Connect Facebook Business Page with Whatsapp Business ?

To connect to Facebook page and sync the details, WhatsApp Business users can now access linked account just in settings. After the latest update, users can also choose more than one category for their business by navigating to Settings> Business Profile> Edit Profile> Category. WhatsApp users can search and select labels that customers will be able to see.

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In order to use the features, users will need the latest version of WhatsApp Business and Facebook. Facebook-Link feature update version 2.20.67 of Android and update version 2.20.51 of iOS can be updated from Play Store. If you are unable to update in this way, then you can uninstall and reinstall the old WhatsApp Business and Facebook app.

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