Do Reliance Digital ResQ Policy A Scam ?

Whenever you buy any electronic or digital product from Reliance Store i.e. reliance digital, they will insist you to buy their extended warranty policy for newly bought products. As in my case I bought 26″ Samsung LCD TV from Reliance digital, as per their suggestion I paid them rs 2500/- extra for extended two years extended warranty on this LCD TV from their inhouse policy ResQ.

Under the term of this policy they told me that they would repair the bought products or change if the parts of product would not be available under policy period. Based on these facts I paid them and took the extended warranty.

After one year or so the speakers of my LCD TV started showing some problem. I spoke to reliance digital ResQ department and bad experience with Reliance Digital started. There is only a single customer care number is provided on their site and I assure you that No one would listen to you after 100 calls also.

Then I visited the reliance store and registered a complaint there for non-functioning of my TV. They told me that my problem would be solved within 48 Hrs. After almost 6-7 Weeks no one visited or even called me. After that I again visited the store and complaint again that no one had contacted me from Res Q.

They told me afterward that There was some problem at ResQ and within next 48-72 Hrs it would be solved. Still it is 5 Months and more and no one from reliance has visited to check the TV.

This is the functioning of the Private company, there is nothing to help consumer in this regard. It is me who suffered by money. There is not a single person who will be there at store to talk to you.

Never take this reliance ResQ extended policy, this is wastage of money as well as time. They would listen to you till the payment of this policy term after that it was you who move from here to there behind if you need it.

I think these services of Private companies also come under the RTI Act. We can’t just let them do the way they want to do ? I have decided that I would move to consumer Court with my case soon.

  1. They are hopeless, they are really a scam, it's because they have not provided the contact number or address of any of the person or company representative at their site…..They complaint page also doesn't work…..Government should take care of it……

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