IBA Proposed Performance Based Salary Structure For Bank Employees in Meeting Held on 29-09-2018

Indian Bankers’ Association (IBA) has proposed the Performance based salary structure for Public Sector Banks’ Employees in meeting held on dated 29-09-2018 at Mumbai for negotiation on 11th Bipartite Settlement with Banks’ Union.

The Minutes of Meeting :

1. IBA team made it clear to Unions that Banks are not in a capacity to pay more than 6% hike in wages

2. IBA did not go beyond 6% offer they made during last Negotiating Committee Meeting.
3. Shri. Prashant Kumar, DMD of SBI gave power point presentation on a New formula devised by IBA. 
4. Accordingly, all member banks are to be categorized in three (3) categories, 
i.e. A,B,C Categorization will be based on certain parameters as revealed by individual bank’s Balance-sheets.
5. IBA says they ‘Desire Shift’ in pay outs by Banks. The intent of IBA is to allow each Bank to pay its employees as per the Bank’s capacity to pay.
6. For building the capacity to bear the load of payment to staff, the individual Banks will have to perform to a certain level.
Traditional Practice of settling the salary was: 
1. Wage revision every 5 years based on industry level Bipartite settlement.
2. Wage revision is based on negotiations not strictly linked to Banks’ performance.

Proposed Approach Intended in 11th Bipartite :

1. Adding an element of performance linked compensation over and above the settled pay structure.
2. It will be calculated as under:
a. A performance Linked Compensation will be incorporated:
    i. The value will be over and above the increment as agreed in the Bipartite Settlement.
    ii. Will be computed annually after declaration of annual financial results.
B. Payable amount shall be CONTINGENT upon achievement of established performance criteria by the Banks every year.
C. Key metrics chosen for defining organisational performance on following parameters.
• Operating Profit
• Return on Assets
D. Payout rate to be related to performance based Tiering, on chosen metrics for the FY 2017-18 the categorization comes as under:
List of Banks’ Operating Profit wise
A. Indian Bank, Vijaya Bank



List of Banks’ Return of Assets
A. Indian Bank, Vijaya Bank


C. Bank of Maharashtra

D. Bank of Baroda

E. Canara Bank

Banks’ Union has uniformly rejected the offer stating that there should be Uniform Pay in all Banks’. As per the indications by merging DA as on 01.11.2016 the present basics will be constructed and then loading will be applied. 

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