Salary Calculator For Bank Employees – 11th BPS

Public Sector Bank Employees may calculate their salary difference after 11th Bipartite Wage Revision – Here is the projected salary calculator based on 11th BPS. This calculator calculates your expected salary with hike under mutual agreement as per 11th Bipartite between IBA & UFBU and its difference with existing Gross Salary.

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How To Use Calculator ?

  1. Calculator is based on few inputs as like expected hike given by IBA, existing Dearness allowance and existing Gross Pay.
  2. Provide the proposed hike given under 11th BPS for e.g. IBA has offered a 8% hike currently
  3. Existing Dearness allowance i.e. 60.70% for the month of Nov, Dec & Jan 2018
  4. Your existing Gross Pay

Disclaimer – This calculator is only for information purpose and doesn’t guarantee the accuracy of the details.

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