Can I sell shares bought on BSE in NSE ?

Share & Stocks Trading Tips – Whether you can sell the shares purchased on BSE platofrm to NSE or vice versa. Answer is Yes you can, but it is not possible on the same day or in intraday trading. If you are doing it on the same day it will be called as arbitrage and under such situation, you will have to close your positions in both the exchanges. Once the shares get into your Dmat account then you can sell these shares on any exchange i.e. BSE or NSE.

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Even if you try doing it, you incur a penalty of short selling which is you sold something you don’t have and so are charged 20% as penalty.

Sell Shares

For example, you find one share at Rs 100 on BSE and Rs 104 on NSE, then buy on BSE and sell on NSE. At the end of the day or during t

he day when prices on both the exchanges are same clear your positions. 

Suppose now the price is 103 on both exchanges then you sell at BSE and buy at NSE to clear the position. In this process you have made profit of 3 rs in BSE and lost Rs One in NSE.

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The net profit is Rs two which is actually the difference during the beginning of trade i.e 100 and 104. Even if price of share falls then also you can make the profits.


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