How To Link Aadhaar With PNB Account ?

Aadhaar link To PNB Account – Government has made the linking of Aadhaar Mandatory for almost all the services and for banking Aadhaar is mandatory for  opening new accounts and for existing account December,31 is the last date. There are exceptions to this, though. Small bank accounts (maximum deposit size limit of ₹50,000) are exempt from the directive.  is slowly becoming an important detail to conduct any financial transaction.

India’s largest bank Punjab National Bank (PNB) has come up with many option to link the Aadhaar with existing account. There are many option available for PNB customer for Aadhaar seeding with account. PNB users have the option to upload their Aadhaar details online or through SMS in a particular format to a specific number provided by the bank. PNB is also allowing customers to link their Aadhaar number to their bank account at an ATM.

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Account opened after June 1 would have six months to be linked to Aadhaar, failing which, access to the account would be blocked. PNB has even made  Aadhaar mandatory to be eligible for its recruitment process

Check out the various ways for linking Aadhaar number with bank account without having to visit bank branch:

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To link your Aadhaar to your PNB account online:

  • Login to the PNB internet banking service of the bank
  • Click on Aadhaar Registration link from the left sidebar menu
  • Select Account number and Enter your Aadhaar card number and click on Submit
  • The bank will communicate the status of the linking to Customer’s registered mobile number
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