How To Pay Bills Online Via Syndicate Bank Internet Banking?

Syndicate Bank, A leading Nationalized bank has initiated the process of online payment for some essential services through Internet Banking. Although this facilities are limited to Core Banking Branches in BANGALORE, MUMBAI and NEW DELHI only.

This BillPay facility is provided by the M/s Ltd (BILLDESK) under the tie up arrangement with Syndicate Bank and will be known as Synd Billpay.

Any existing or new customer of Syndicate Bank availing the facilities of Syndicate Bank Internet Banking can use the services of Synd Billpay in above mentioned cities.

How To Pay Bills Online ?

Follow the below mentioned steps for paying online.

1. Register the Billers online first like utilities bills i.e. electricity, Insurance etc. For registering the biller Click on the menu Register a Biller from the menu.

2. Select the name of the biller like BSES, MTNL etc

3. Fill all the related information

4. you may also choose some of the optional services like AutoPay and Standing Instruction

5. Select the account number and Submit

6. You may also check the due amount and pay the bills online

How to set Priority for Auto Pay ?

Priority in account for paying the bills means customers are given advantage for setting up the priority for paying the services e.g. if there is limited funds in the account and billes due date is present for auto bill payment system, in such case the payment will be made according to priority set by the customer.

How to know the status of Payment or Receipt?

For every payment there is a need of receipt for future reference. Syndicate bank customers who availed the services of bill payment will have the debit appearing in the statement or passbook. This record is the valid and accepted proof of receipt of payment made online.

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