How to Register SBI Anywhere Mobile Banking Application ?

SBI Anywhere Mobile Banking application – SBI anywhere is the Retail banking application offered on Mobile.  All the existing as well as new customers of State Bank of India can use this application for transactions using mobile. All the users can download the SBI Anywhere application from google playstore or iStore  for android & iOS respectively. Check out the step by step process for registering on the mobile banking application of SBI.

How to register for SBI Anywhere mobile banking application ?

Step1: After opening the app a screen will appear in which tap to “Register “. Then select the option ‘New user’ from the list.

Step 2: A page will appear giving instructions on ‘Steps for registration’:

NOTE : Debit card users have to register for obtaining the temporary user name and password. After 30 mins activate it by selecting the option Existing Anywhere user under “Register” Tap or visit to complete the activation.

If the user already has pre-printed kit from the branch, they can directly use the Existing Anywhere user option. If the user don’t have debit card, they need to visit State Bank branch to register State Bank Anywhere.

On this page, click “Proceed “

Step 3: It will take to the registration page, where the user has fill the following mandatory details.

Account Number : This will be available in the passbook and/or statement of account

CIF Number : This will be available in the passbook and/or statement of account

Branch Code :  Click on “Get Branch code” which will take to a page where the user has to select their branch location and branch name and click “submit” which will auto update the branch code

Country : Select from the drop down

Registered Mobile number : enter the mobile number registered in Core banking Service (CBS)

Facility required : Full transaction rights, Limited transaction rights, View rights

Text Image : Enter the Alpha numeric from the text image

After entering these details, click “Submit”

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Step 4: In the next screen, it will show the options “Debit card user “and “Not a Debit card user”

If “Debit card user “is selected, it will generate an activation code to the registered mobile number. After entering it in the next page, the user can start using the application after 30 mins.

If “not a debit card user” is selected, it will show a message “Please visit Branch “.

How to register for SBI Anywhere mobile banking application using Internet Banking User Id & Password ?

Step 1: After opening the Anywhere in the home page tap to “Register”, which will list down three options.

Step 2: In that select the option ‘Existing Internet Banking user’ or ‘Existing Freedom user’ whichever is currently in use.

Step 3: If the user selects ‘Existing Internet Banking user’, then he needs to enter his INB User ID and Password OR if the user selects ‘Existing Freedom user’, then the user needs to enter User ID and MPIN and then click “Submit” button.

Step 4: Then, it will show the terms and conditions page. The user has to accept after reading it.

Step5: An activation code will be sent to the user’s registered mobile number. The user has to enter this activation code in the next page and then click “submit” button.

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Step 6: Once register process is completed, the user will get a confirmation page with the message registration is successful. After this user can start using Anywhere app.

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