How To Use SBI OTP Based ATM Cash Withdrawal ?

SBI Cash Withdrawal using OTP, How To Guide – India’s largest bank, State Bank of India (SBI) has launched the OTP based cah withdrawal at their ATM’s. The OTP based ATM cash withdrawal will minimize the fake and unauthorized transactions. In the trial purposes the new system is launched at SBI ATMs only between 8 PM to 8 AM and above the withdrawal of Rs 10,000.

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How will SBI customer withdraw cash through OTP ?

  1. In this process, once the cardholder enters the amount they wish to withdraw, the ATM screen displays the OTP screen.
  2. SBI customers will have to input / punch the OTP received on his mobile number registered with the bank in this screen for getting the cash.
  3. Enter the ATM PIN and withdraw the cash

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This facility will not be applicable for transactions from another bank’s ATM, because this functionality has not been developed in National Financial Switch (NFS). NFS is the largest interoperable ATM network in the country and it manages more than 95% of the domestic interbank ATM transactions.


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