SC Says NOIDA Extension Buyers To Get Full Refund With Interest

A big very-very big relief to flat owners of NOIDA extension disputed land. The Honorable Supreme Court ruled that all the buyers who had invested in the controversial Noida Housing Project would be entitled to complete refund of money, including interest, from the builders.

The bench of Supreme court , who ruled against the illegal and  controversial land buying by NOIDA Development Authority says that 

” All the buyers shall be entitled to get back the amount along with interest at an appropriate rate and if the builders refuse to prepay the amount. Then they shall be free to avail appropriate legal remedy.””

This Supreme court order has enlightened the new hope to  over 6000 people who had booked the flats in residential complexes being built on controversial land by various builders firm houses like SuperTech, Mahagun, Amrapali and other prominent builders at Noida Extension.


  1. It's very easy to give judgement like if builders not refunding buyer can go to take legal action. But what abt the cost associate on taking legal action. Also what abt stress middle class person is paying. Is SC judges are going to pay for all these.

    This is totally mismanagement of GNOIDA Authorities and one sided judgement by SC. I still feel SC and Gov should come up with plans to convince farmers so that future will be saved for betterment of the country and specially NCR region

    • Ashutosh I agree with You But Supreme Court has given judgement based on the Rule and Constitutional law…We can't blame SC…We must not forget that It's SC who has given releif to many buyers at very early stage. Imaging what would be the condition If It comes after the completion of Flats ?

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