How To Apply Jeevan Pramaan Online For Pensioner Life Certificate ?

How To Apply Jeevan Pramaan Online For Pensioner Life Certificate ? –  Life certificate of pensioners have been made online. The DGITAL INDIA has made the life of our elders hassle free.

Earlier each year pensioners, Family Pensioners etc are needed to submit their life certificate to respective banks  in order to get the un interrupted pensions. This year onward there is no need to submit the Life Certificate at bank branches instead the life certificate may be uploaded online and that can be shared with banks for paying pensions.

Digital India has started the portal with the name of which is a biometric enabled digital service for pensioners.All type of pensioners including Central Government, State Government or any other Government organization, Banks can take benefit of this facility.

The process of uploading life certificate through Jeevan Parmaan is very easy. You can register online with the help of this portal and provide your details to get a digital life certificate.

There is also a provision to get the information about this facilities at location nearest to pensioners at Jeevan Pramaan Centre. There are various apps available to get the details about it including Android Mob Apps, Windows apps etc.

How To Apply Jeevan Pramaan Online PROCESS ?

Pensioners who are in possession of aadhar may register for digital life certificate as Jeevan Pramaan uses the Aadhaar platform for biometric authentication of the pensioner. A successful authentication generates the Digital Life Certificate which gets stored in the Life Certificate Repository. The Pension Disbursing Agencies can access the certificate on-line.

  1. AADHAR AUTHENTICATION : At the very first stage visit any of the JEEVAN PRAMAAN center nearest to you and provide your Biometric details including PPO (Pension Payment Number), bank account details, Bank Name and Mobile Number
  2. You may also register yourself through Android/Windows Mobile Application. There is a need of smartphone for registration.
  3. Digital Life Certificate : After a successful authentication a SMS acknowledgement is sent to your mobile number including your Jeevan Pramaan Certificate ID. The certificates are stored in the Life Certificate Repository for making it available any time and any where for the pensioner and the Pension Disbursing Agency.
  4. Access Your Digital Life Certificate : You can download a PDF copy of the certificate from the Jeevan Pramaan website by providing
    the Jeevan Pramaan ID or Aadhaar number.

For getting information about Nearest Jeevan Pramaan Center

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SMS: JPL to 7738299899
get list of Jeevan Pramaan centre near your pincode

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