How to Complain to RBI’s Digital Payments Ombudsman ?

RBI has instituted a dedicated grievance redressal mechanism exclusively for digital payments-related disputes. 21 ombudsman offices have been set up for digital transactions across India. Aggrieved customers can now file complaints against prepaid instruments (PPIs), e-wallets, and other payment service providers with ombudsman offices in 21 locations across 19 cities.

Reasons for filing complaints

Digital payments service providers include

  1. Unauthorised electronic funds transfer,
  2. Their inability to transfer the funds to bank account
  3. Not loading funds into the wallet within a reasonable period of time
  4. Failure to effect online payment or fund transfer
  5. Failure to refund money in case of a failed transaction, and
  6. Not implementing stop-payment instructions within the specified time-frame.
  7. Complaints related to Unified Payments Interface (UPI), Bharat Bill Payment System, Bharat QR Code and UPI QR Code also fall within the purview of the ombudsman.

All entities cannot wash their hands off in case of transactions they enable on third-party platforms. “It will be the responsibility of the payment service provider to resolve customer disputes arising out of such transactions,” reads the RBI notification.

Users must ensure to maintain proper records and documentary proofs so that your claim for compensation is entertained by the ombudsman.

How to file the complaint ?

1. Approach your payment service provider with your grievance and wait for at least 30 days.

2. In case of no or unsatisfactory response, write to the ombudsman within one year from the date of rejection of your complaint or 13 months from filing the complaint.

3. If you are dissatisfied with the ombudsman’s decision, you can approach the appellate authority— office of the deputy governor in charge of RBI’s department for overseeing the ombudsman.

4. If this too fails, you can file a case in the consumer forums or approach the courts.

Customer compensation

  • Rs 1 lakh Is the compensation that can be awarded in lieu of loss of customer’s time, expenses incurred and mental agony.
  • Rs 20 lakh Is the maximum compensation the digital payments ombudsman can award.


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