Indian Railways Tatkal Reservation Concept Explained

Indian Railways ‘Tatkal’ Scheme is the life line for the many of the individual especially for the salaried class or businessman who travel by Train without any plan and getting reservation is difficult for them.
Tatkal reservation facility has been provided in Sleeper Class, Air-conditioned Chair Class, 3-AC or 2-AC classes in almost all Mail/Express trains including special trains or all the Reservation done through Online Ticket Booking sites like IRCTC.
‘Under Tatkal Scheme the tickets are booked Two days prior to the start of journey w.e.f 01/08/2009.  Tatkal booking start at   8 AM on Two days in advance  actual date of journey excluding date of journey .for example If you need to booked the ticket for 5th of Sept,  Tatkal Booking will Commence from 8 AM on 3rd.

Allotment of Seats or Coach in Tatkal Scheme

There is also a set of rules while alloting the berth to the tatkal quota holder.

Like For 2AC only 4 berths per coach is allotted under Tatkal quota. For 3AC there will be 6 berths and for AC Chair Car 6 seats per coach  are allotted for the tatkal quota.

Under second Sleeper Class (SL) there will be 10% of the available berths are reserved as Tatkal. It is also mentioned that If the Tatkal quota is not filled up, the Wait Listed passengers are allotted the Tatkal Quota Seats.

What are the Cancellation Charges For Indian railways Tatkal Tickets ?

According to Indian Railways information ,

If the Confirmed Tatkal Tickets :  You will get the flat 25% of the Total fare of the tatkal Ticket booked excluding the reservation charges for tatkal If  cancelled before the 24 hrs of the departure of Train.

No refund on confirmed Tatkal tickets if cancelled within 24 hrs.of the schedule departure of train.

If the Waitlisted Tatkal Tickets : Only the Tatkal reservation booking charges will be deducted from the Total fare of the tickets.

Class of Travel

Minimum Tatkal Charges (in Rs.)

Maximum Tatkal Charges (in Rs.)

Second (sitting)






AC Chair Car



AC 3 Tier



AC 2 Tier






According to Rules of Indian Railways the full refund of fare and tatkal charges will be granted on the tickets booked under Tatkal scheme in the following circumstances :-

  • If the train is delayed by more than 3 hours at the journey originating point of the passenger & not the boarding point if the passenger’s journey originating point and boarding point are different.
  • If the train is to run on a diverted route and passenger is not willing to travel.
  • If the train is to run on diverted route and boarding station or the destination or both the stations are not on the diverted route.
  • In case of non attachment of coach in which Tatkal accommodation has been earmarked and the passenger has not been provided  accommodation in the same class.
  • If the party has been accommodated in lower class and does not want to travel. In case the party travels in lower class, the passenger will be given refund of difference of fare and also the difference of Tatkal charges, if any.

Certain Facts about the Indian railways tatkal reservation Booking

a) Tatkal scheme is not applicable to First Class tickets

b) Charges for the Tatkal tickets are collected from the start of train to end of the station, Not for the Intermediate station.

c) Photo Id proof is required if Travel with tatkal ticket, Name of the ID must be same to that of the Name printed on the Tickets

d) There is no concession allowed in Tatkal ticket booking including Senior Citizen

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