How To Use Indian Railways Helpline Numbers ?

Indian Railways has upgraded themselves on security measures a lot in recent times. They are almost using all the tolls inclusive of social media for prompt security services to travelers. Learn and understand the Indian Railways helpline numbers and how to use them in case of urgency.

The Commonly used helpline numbers of Indian Railways are :

Toll Free Security Helpline number : 182 or 1800-111-322

Toll Free Customer Helpline number for queries : 138

Toll free feedback and Suggestion : 1800-111-139 or/and  1800-111-321

Chargeable Railways Enquiry Numbers : 139

Twitter : @RailMin

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How To Use Helpline Emergency numbers of Indian Railways in case of Urgency ?

Follow the guidelines for using the specific number for different services for speedy solution of specific queries.

  1. Toll Free Security Helpline number : 182 or 1800-111-322  : This is the most common number used in case of miscellaneous purposes mainly for criminal offences like theft, harassment etc. In order to call the police or GRP during Travel this is the most sought number. Quick response.
  2.  Toll Free Customer Helpline number for queries : 139 :- Use this helpline number in case of general railways enquires related to services specific to reservation, scheduling and timing of rail. PNR status and schedule of rail timing can be sought through this toll free number.
  3. Toll free feedback and Suggestion : 1800-111-139 or/and  1800-111-321 :- Use this number in case of any complaint or suggestion if any for Indian railways.
  4. Toll Free Number 138 : Use this number for any specific purposes related to journey mainly cleanliness of coaches, AC failure, Medical urgency, Seat, coach maintenance etc.
  5. Social Media tool twitter for contacting Railway Minister : This is the tool which is very effective in case you donot get solution at any of the given number. Just tweet@RailMin

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This is to remember that for quickest help kindly mention your PNR number  in any of the complaint while travelling. Store these Railways helpline numbers at your mobile for any urgency during travel.

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