Resolved – Your Device is Not Verified for UPI Payments

Resolved the “UPI registration failed” issue with the apps of various banks with error, “Your Device is Not Verified for UPI Payments”. Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) is the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) application of NPCI and the platform of this app is being utilized by all other apps in India by Banks or eWallets like GooglePe, PhonePe, PayTm, Cred, Ola Money etc. Follow the steps to resolve and fix the various errors pertaining to UPI registration failed or Your Device is Not Verified for UPI Payments.

How to Fix the Error “UPI registration failed” in BHIM App ?

Follow the solutions to all the probable reasons for this error. Get the solution for any of the such errors.

1. Verify the Registered SIM with First Slot of the Phone

If you are using the dual SIM mobile phone and unable to register the BHIM App, try to verify whether the Default SMS SIM is ‘1’ or ‘2’. The BHIM App or any other UPI apps, while installing ask for the auto verification of SMS. This may cause the failure of BHIM registration and show the error “UPI registration failed”.

SOLUTION : To solve the issue insert the SIM with registered number in SIM Slot1 always.

2. Verify the balance in the SIM

This is the most common reason for failure of the UPI registration. Many of the bankers have received the complaint and found the same reason. The UPI registration is done via SMS, which requires to send SMS from the registered mobile number. In order to send the SMS, it is mandatory to maintain the balance otherwise the verification cannot be completed.

SOLUTION – Verify and recharge the Mobile Number for valid SMS pack.

3. Mobile Number must be registered with the Bank 

The BHIM or any UPI apps registration required the linking of the mobile number with the bank accounts. Before going for any such installation, first verify with your banks whether the particular mobile number is registered with the account or not. 

SOLUTION : Visit the bank branch or confirm from the customer care of the banks where you maintain the account. 

4. Give the require Permission to UPI Apps

While Installing the BHIM or any other UPI apps, it is asking for the various permission either on Android or iOS devices. You must accept all the permissions or it may give you the error “Your Device is Not Verified for UPI Payments”.

SOLUTION : Check the required permission on Android using  settings–> Apps –> click on All apps and then select ‘Your UPI App’ –> Select permissions. You must enable all the permissions required by the app.

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5. Re Install the UPI Apps Once Again

If none of the above solution works for you, remove the existing UPI apps from your phone and re install the apps once again. Many a times, this method works.

SOLUTION : Re install the UPI apps or BHIM Click for Android | For iOS 


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