How To Transfer Money Through ICICI Twitter Account, icicibankpay?

ICICIBankPay is the new social media banking services (SMB) provided by ICICI bank for their customer. These social media banking services are  purely customized and especially designed for all such people who are on social platform i.e. Twitter. Through ICICIBankPay Twitter banking, any of the customer of ICICI bank may pay to any of their friends, recharge your prepaid mobile, check account balance and view your last 3 transactions on Twitter.

ICICI Bank has confirmed that transaction made through Twitter enabled ICICIbankpay is as safer than their online banking services like Internet banking, Mobile Banking, ICICI Pockets wallets etc. Payments on ICICI Bank Twitter is a safe and secure mode of banking with a two-factor authentication.

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How To Register for ICICI Bank For Twitter enabled payment ?

  1. Follow @icicibank
  2. Send a Direct Message to @icicibank: #reg Your registered mobile number on ICICI Bank E.g.: #reg 1234567890
  3. Get One Time Password (OTP) on your registered mobile number
  4. Send a Direct Message with the OTP: #regotp OTP E.g.: #regotp 123456

How To Transact ?

For instant payment follow the command to type :

To transfer funds, send a Direct Message to @icicibank in the following format:

#Pay Receiver’s Twitter account Amount

Example: #Pay @abcd 100 , where @abcd is the name of twitter account as like for sending person with Twitter account rajmanglam, just type #pay @rajmanglam 100, where 100 is the amount.

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Learn How To Recharge Prepaid Mobile or DTH through Twitter ?

  1. To recharge prepaid mobile:
    • Send a Direct Message(DM) #GenOTP to @icicibank to receive OTP on registered mobile
    • Next send Direct Message(DM) #TopUp 10-digit mobile OperatorCode Amount OTP
      Example: #TopUp 1234567890 Airtel 10 111111
    • To know operator code for mobile recharge: Send #operatorcode
  2. To recharge DTH:
    • Send Direct Message(DM) #GenOTP to @icicibank to receive OTP on registered mobile
    • Next send Direct Message(DM) #DTH DTH A/c no. OperatorCode Amount OTP
      Example: #DTH 1234567890 TATASKY 200 111111
    • To know operator code for DTH recharge: Send #operatorcode

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How To Check Balance or Last Three Transactions ?

  1. Send Direct Message to @icicibank
  2. #ibal to check your account balance and
  3. #itran to view last 3 transactions

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