How To Create Syndicate Bank ATM Green PIN ?

Syndicate Bank ATM Green PIN Generation OnlineGreen PIN facilities is being provided by Public Sector Bank as a hassle free digital initiative to their customer. Green PIN will help customer at large in self generating the ATM PIN without visiting the branches.

This new facility enable the customer of Syndicate Bank to generate a new PIN for their Debit Cards using their ATM any time through out the country. The basic requirement of the Green PIN is the registration of Mobile Number with the account of the customer.

With the launch of Bank Debit Card Green PIN, there will not be any request accepted by bank branches for physical issuance of Debit Card ATM PIN. This project allows our customers to generate ATM PIN quickly without any delay, if mobile number is linked to his/her account.

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How To Create the “GREEN PIN” ?

Follow the Step by Step Process for Setting the Syndicate Bank ATM Cum Debit Card Green PIN

  1. Visit any of the Bank ATM  in India, Click to find the ATMs of Syndicate Bank
  2. Insert Your Debit cum ATM card in the ATM Machine.
  3.  A screen will be appeared similar to below with following option

4.  Customer Need to choose the correct option, If they want to create a New Green PIN for their Debit Card choose the appropriate option “GREEN PIN (Create/Reset PIN)”

5. Enter Your 10 digit registered mobile number, This is to remember system will not recognize you if you enter mobile number other than registered number.

6. After successful validation of Mobile Number, a six digit One Time Password (OTP) will be sent on your registered mobile number.

7. Please enter the Six digit OTP received on your mobile number.

8. After successful validation of OTP , An option will be shown to you to create the ATM PIN. 

9. Enter You new PIN once again for confirmation, remember your new PIN.

10. After successful creation of ATM PIN, complete message will appear at screen.










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Follow the guidelines as discussed and Reset your ATM PIN of Debit Cum ATM card of syndicate bank. In case of any query , just ask it here below.

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  2. There is only one Syndicate bank atm in our city and that isn’t in working condition. What do I do now.!!!

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