EPFO APFC Answer key, Question Paper

EPFO APFC Answer Key and Question Paper 

11. The responsibility of preparation of electoral rolls in india rests with:

(A) The Parliament
(B) The Local Administrations
(C) The Election Commission
(D) The returing officer

12. Which of the following is NOT covered by the employee provident fund and miscellaneous provision Act, 1952
(A) Pension
(B) Provident Fund
(C) Deposit Linked Insurance
(D) Injury Compensation

13. What is the maximum limit of gratutity payable under the payement of Gratuity Act, 1972?
(A) 3 Lakhs Rupees
(B) 7.5 Lakhs Rupees
(C) 10 Lakhs Rupees
(D) 10.5 Lakhs Rupees

14. In which part of the Indian Constitution, worker’s participation in Management has been incorporated ?
(A) The Preamble
(B) The Fundament Rights
(C) The Directive Principles of state policy
(D) None of the above

15. car insurance quotes Which of the following is the earliest to be constituted ?
(A) Press council of india
(B) United News of India
(C) NAM News Network
(D) Press Trust of India

16. if 20% of P = 30% of Q = 1/6 of R, then P:Q:R is
(A) 2:3:16
(B) 3:2:16
(C) 10:15:18
(D) 15:10:18
17. A tree increases annualy by 1/8th of its height. What will be its height after 2 years, if it stand today 64 cm height?
(A) 72 cm
(B) 74 cm
(C) 81 cm
(D) 85 cm
18. the sides of a traingle GHL are GH=65m, HL=75m and LG=80m. what is the area of triangle?
(A) 2100 m2
(B) 2160 m2
(C) 2200 m2
(D) 2280 m2
19. A train travel at a certain average speed for a distance of 63 Km. Thereafter it travel a distance of 72 Km with an average speed of 6 Km/Hour more than original Speed. Total time taken to complete the journey is 3 hours. What is the original average speed of the train?
(A) 36 Km/hour
(B) 42 Km/hour
(C) 48 Km/hour
(D) 54 Km/hour
20. A iron rod of 1 cm diameter and 8 cm length is drawn into a wire of 18m height with uniform thickness. The thicness of the wire would be :
(A) 1/21 cm
(B) 1/18 cm
(C)1/15 cm
(D) 1/12 cm
21. A 60 m long train travels at a uniform speed of 72 km/hour. it passes non-stop along the 600m platform of a wayside station. What is the elapsed time for the train to entirely clear the platform?
(A) 30 seconds
(B) 31 seconds
(C) 32 seconds
(D) 33 seconds
22. Train A is 75 m long and travels at a uniform speed of 54 Km/hour. Train B is 125m long and travels a uniform speed of 36km/hour in the direction opposite to that of train A. if these trains are crossing at a double-track stretch. what is the time taken for the two trains to fully clear each other ?
(A) 10 seconds
(B) 8 seconds
(C) 7.2 seconds
(D) 6.6 seconds
23. Biome, largest recgnizable assemblage of animals and plants on the earth, is controlled mainly by :
(A) Biological activity
(B) Landforms
(C) Climate
(D) Soil
24. For calculating Body Mass Index(BMI) weight of the person(in kg) is divided by the :
(A) Square of the weight (in kg)
(B) Square of the height (in meters)
(C) Square root of the height (in meters)
(D) Vitamins intake
25. Which term is used to describe the spread of Budhism from India through southeast Asisa?
(A) Social mobility
(B) Cultural diffusion
(C) Ethnocentrism
(D) Interdependence

6. The main objective of the minimum wages Act, 1948 to safeguard the interest of the workers engaged in :
(A) unorganized sector
(B) Organized Sector
(C) Industrial Sector
(D) Agricultural Sector
27. Which one of the following expresses the relation beteen normal price and market price ?
(A) Market price is greater than normal price
(B) Market price is equal to normal price
(C) Market price tends to be equal to normal price
(D) Market price is lesser than normal price
28. Inflation can be controlled by :
(A) Increase in wages
(B) Decreases in taxation
(C) Reductin in public expenditure
(D) Making the rupee dearer
29. which one of the following statements is true about red soil >
(A) It is rich in humus.
(B) It is rich in potash
(C) It is rich in iron compound
(D) It is derived from volcanic origin.
30. Gun metal is an alloy of
(A) Copper, Tin and Zinc
(B) Aluminium, Tin and Steel
(C) Copper, Steel and Zinc
(D) Aluminium, Tin and Zinc
31. If the electrical resistance of a typical substance suddenly drops to zero, then the substance is called
(A) Semicounductor
(B) Conductor
(C) Superconductor
(D) Super Semiconductor
32. The material used for electrical fuse is an alloy of tina and lead. This alloy should have :
(A) High specific resistance and low melting point
(B) Low specific resistance and high melting point
(C) Low specific resistance and low melting point
(D) High Specific resistance and high melting point
33. The word FTP stands for :
(A) File transit Provision
(B) File translate protocol
(C) File transfer provision
(D) File Transfer Protocol
34. RAM Stands for :
(A) Random Access Memory
(B) Read Access Memory
(C) Random Attribute Memory
(D) Random Applicable Memory
35. Which os the following is also known as brain of computer ?
(A) Monitor
(B) Arithemetic Logic Unit(ALU)
(C) Control Unit
(D) Central Processing Unit(CPU)
36. A technique in which data is written to two duplicate disks simultaneously, is called :
(A) Mirroring
(B) Multiplexing
(C) Duplicating
(D) Copying
37. CAD stands for :
(A) Computer Aided Design
(B) Computer Application in


(C) Coded Algorithm in Design
(D) Coded Addressable Design
38. Which one of the following sets of industries were among first modern industries in India?
(A) Tea , Cotton and Sugar
(B) Jute, Silk and Cotton
(C) Cotton , Jute and Coal-Mines
(D) Sugar, Silk and Steel
39. The regional project by name ‘CASA-1000′(Central Asia-South Asia 1000), funded by World Bank, pertains to the field of :
(A) Eradication of HIV AIDS
(B) Roads and Buildings
(C) Electricity
(D) Eradication of illiteracy
40. Who won the Golden Boot Award in the recently conducted UEFA Euro 2012?
(A) Ferando Torres (Spain)
(B) Mario Balotelli (Itlay)
(C) Cristiano Ronaldo (portugal)
(D) Mario Gomez (Germany)


  1. these answers are wrong.
    eg. for q. no 37, CAD stands for Computer Aided Design, For gods sake I am a mechanical engineer and better know what CAD is still dont believe me ? then chek out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer-aided_desig

  2. Please send me answer key of Series C of Asstt. Provident Fund Commissioner (APFC) examination 2012 whose examination conducted on 23.09.2012. my email is kishanbhati2011@gmail.com

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