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American Express Credit Card Moratorium – How to avail ?

Check out the process to avail the EMI Moratorium on American Express Credit Card – All Amex Credit Card users with satisfactory transactions on their cards are receiving the communication from Amex itself for moratorium under COVID-19. if your Credit Card/s are in good standing with Amex, as of 1 March 2020 (i.e. previous dues have been paid on time), you will be automatically enrolled into the moratorium program. You do not have to reach them for enrollment.


American Express Moratorium Entailment Process

The moratorium allows for a temporary postponement of your Credit Card bill payment due in March, April and May 2020. You can either choose to continue making regular payments or defer your Credit Card payments during this period and pay the Credit Card bill generated in June 2020.

American Express Not to accept Moratorium payment

If you choose not to pay your Credit Card dues of March, April or May, it will have no adverse impact on your credit bureau or CIBIL reporting. Monthly statements reflecting the minimum amount due and the total outstanding balance will continue to be generated during the moratorium period to provide transparency on charges being levied.

American Express Late Payment Fees

Though non-payment of Credit Card dues will not attract any late payment fees, interest will be charged on the outstanding amount. Hence, we encourage you to pay the Credit Card dues on time. If you continue to pay on time, no interest will be charged – this will happen automatically, and no need to connect Amex in this regard. 

In addition, any Direct Debit instructions that have been previously given will not be executed because of the moratorium. You will need to make payments to your card directly using any of the digital payment options available.

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American Express Opt Out Form for Debit Instructions

After the moratorium period ends, you can reach out to American Express if you want to re-instate your Direct Debit instructions, If you would like to continue with your current Direct Debit instructions, you will need to opt out (if you haven’t already opted out) of the moratorium program. To do this, you will need to submit an Opt-Out form at on or before April 25, 2020.



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