How To Make NEFT Payment For Common Written Exam Fees ?

Today, A number of candidates visited the bank  where I am working For fees deposit of Common Written Exam (CWE) Conducted by IBPS for recruitment of PO/MT in 19 Public Sector Banks in India.

Many of the candidates unable to understand what actually was the NEFT and How To Get the NEFT UTR Number ? After seeing their problem I decided to point out some information related to CWE Payment of Fees Via Online or Offline Through NEFT.

Few Steps To Remember !!

1. Don’t confuse with the Bank of India Account Number Mentioned on the Deposit Slips. This the Credit Account of IBPS where Money has to go. When ever you deposit fees through any bank it gets credited to Bank of India Account. it doesn’t mean you need to deposit the fees through Bank of India only. You may deposit through ay of the banks.


 It means you can deposit cash to any of the bank in India from any bank’s account which will be credited within 24 Hrs.

3. Visit any of the Nearest NEFT enabled branch (Almost all the branches of all banks are now NEFT enabled) deposit the fees through challan at cash counter of banks and Ask the person to do the NEFT for your Fees. After doing NEFT they will provide you the NEFT UTR Number, a 11 to 16 alpha numeric number which is generated after Crediting the account of Bank of India.

4. Take the NEFT UTR number which will be something like P1107123245678

5. Enter the UTR Number details in Online Form

You may also make payment through Online Mode also with the help of Credit Card or Debit Card or Internet Banking. After filling Page II of application form It will ask you for the payment  of deposit fees. It will redirected to the respective bank sites after filling the required details.

To Download CWE CASH VOUCHER    Click here

At any stage of application process If you need any help or face difficulty Just Comment Below :


  1. Sir,is only the challan in ibps website enough to pay? I went to Andhra Bank to pay but they refused to take amountand said we don't accept these NEFT challans.

    In Syndicate Bank they are asking to pay through their bank account only but not by hand.Both are NEFT enabled banks only. Please help me sir.How can I pay..

    • They don't want to do or they might n't knowing how to do this..Show them the advertisement of IBPS where it's clearly mentioned that fees receipt will be accepted by All the participating bank through NEFT, they simply can't refuse….to pay….If they just inform the higher authority there…

  2. Respected sir

    Q: Sir is it valid if I do payment online by my friend's VISA or MASTER CARD for IBPS CWE?


    Is it valid If i do offline NEFT payment by my parent's or friend's NEFT enabled bank account.?

    Doing any of above, does the receipt generated will be valid for me to appear the CWE exam?

    please reply soon for the doubt

    Thank you..

  3. I have paid the fees in Bank of India branch and they have given me two numbers.One is Transaction ID- "M 527369" and other number is Reg.Id "1207CO9140".So while doing registration in Neft Utr column what should i put transaction id or Reg. id and for the first time i am giving any bank exam so please help me out with this


  4. Sir,

    I am confused now. I paid the fees in Bank of India branch and they have given me two numbers. One is Transaction ID- ''M 119037'' and other one is reference number -''120711C05195''. I ask the bank employees they did not answer properly. i am confused. In registration i have put the transaction Id and submitted application.I have put transaction Id because in earlier bank exams we have to put transaction Id. But in this case they have mention that Neft Utr number has to be put.I am confused now. And my reference number is written in this way 1207 11C05195. There is space in between. If this reference number is neft utr number than does it contain space in between. Please tell me because i have to edit application.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Can i submit the exam fee in state bank of india ?

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