Syndicate Bank Launches Braille Debit Card for Blinds

Public Sector Syndicate Bank has launched the special debit cards for visually impaired people i.e. Braille Debit Card. The new debit card will extend the ease and convenience to blind customers of the bank.

The Braille Debit Card is launched in association with VISA Gold. There is no charges for issuance, renewal and replacement as it is contributed by the bank towards the corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.

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  1. An existing or new customer of Syndicate Bank
  2. This will exclusively be issued to visually impaired persons, certified by the Medical Authority with 40% or more blindness.
  3. Card can’t be used for eCommerce transaction if holder of the card doesn’t know the braille script.


There is no fees for issuing, renewal and replacement for the card.


Syndicate Bank is offering a pair of headphones with all the Braille Debit Cards.

How To Apply ?

Any of the eligible customer of the syndicate bank can get this card from their home branch.

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Transaction Limit of the debit card:

  1. ATM withdrawal limit per day Rs 25,000
  2. POS and Ecommerce transaction limit per day : Rs 75000
  3. Overall Limit per day : Rs 75,000

International Acceptance :

By default, Debit Card is for domestic transactions only. Customer need to give mandate to the home branch to enable them for Internation transactions.

Customer Support

contact 1800-208-3333 or 1800-3033-3333

mail to


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