How To Optimize High Traffic WordPress Blog For Low Mysql Memory ?

WordPress is the most common with easy installation process CMS available right now at web. There are about million of websites are currently running on wordpress with many of them are the biggest websites. WordPress has lot of features and application which are easy to installed and configured.

Like any other blogger , I too had started the blogging with wordpress. This was the site started for providing information related to various HowTo problem of Career and Education section. I hosted this site with personal hosting plan. This blog was configured on the server with 20 entry processes.

Initially everything was fine, but as soon as the traffic goes up to 15,000 visits per day, I received a warning message from my HOST, stating that my site consuming the more server resources than my allocation limit. I shocked and started enquired about the various solution. I analyze the lot of solution for this problem and finally summarized the below mentioned solution for this crap.

It is very much correct that the wordpress is most  powerful but also consume the most resources. More the number of Plugins or extra applications or complicated theme used on the site more the resources it will consume. Low traffic WordPress blog doesn’t have any problems with high CPU load or high memory usage, but the case is different in high traffic blog, where the  CPU load and higher memory usage is also a cause.

Sometime the Host provider also suspend the account of the site and this is the worst scenario for search engine traffic or SEO or the trust of the site.

My Host sent me the warning of resources something like this

Day CPU % Memory % MySQL Processes
Sep 24th 7.12 9.57 3.6
Sep 23rd 5.01 5.06 0.7
Sep 22nd 5.47 4.86 0.8
Sep 21st 4.85 5.16 0.9
Sep 20th 4.95 4.84 0.6
Sep 19th 4.51 5.07 0.9
Sep 18th 4.99 4.47 0.5

CPU %: 0.0-8.0 is Moderate, 15.0 is High, higher than 15.0 is Unacceptable. This is the average percentage of the entire server’s CPU used by your account. This is of all processors combined.
Memory %: 0.0-1 is Moderate, 2.0 is High, higher than 5.0 is Unacceptable. This is the average percentage of the entire server’s Memory used by your account in that day.
MySQL Usage: 0.0-0.5 is Moderate, 1.0 is High, higher than 1.5 is Unacceptable. This is the average number of Mysql instances you were running at all specific seconds of that day.

Check out the below mentioned steps to optimize your High Traffic sites

1. Improve the Plugin Management

WordPress uses the MySQL as database for storing dynamic content web sites such as articles, post discussions, comments etc. Always try to optimize the databases at regular interval. You may use the Cache Plugin at wordpress blog like WordPress Super cache or WordPress Total Cache plugin.

Never try to use more number of plugin at your site, it’s because they used more mysql resources with higher memory load. Delete unnecessary plugins from your sites.

Always use updated plugin at your site, remove old plugins from your blog (don’t deactivate, in fact delete it).

2. Selection of Themes & Optimization of Script used at site

Always try to use the simple theme for your sites. More complicated the theme you use at your site, more the serve load it will cause. Try to use minimum css, image, and javascript, so it will optimize your server load. Delete unnecessary script i.e.  php, css, sql and javascript if not used.

3. Hosting of Image or Video Streaming

Image hosting or video streaming uses more resources. Try to host the video or images at various sites which are providing free hosting services. Hosting more video and Images needs higher CPU usage.

4. Hosting More sites at One Account

Never try to host more sites at one  account like subdomain, parked domain etc. Each and every domain needs extra resources or MYSQL databases. if your site has higher traffic, use one hosting account for one domain only. I follow the same principal and It’s working fine for me incase of different high traffic blog.

5. Upgrade to Business or VPS or Dedicated Server

Finally, the last option is to pay more for more. If you have more traffic per day i.e. more than 7-8000 depends on various host providers , you dont have another option than moving your site to Business Class or VPS (Virtual Private Server) or Dedicated server.

I have been using Arvixe for my Hosting and It’s too good, what my experiences for previous two years of relation with ARVIXE say ?

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