Rs 65,000/- Mobile Phone By Samsung Galaxy Round

Samsung Galaxy Round -Samsung has launched Smart Phone or Mobile Phone at the Price Tag of approx Rs 65,000/-. Shocked…..any one would feel the same. Samsung has launched a new model of it’s Galaxy Series i.e. Galaxy Round. As name suggest, this model has unique features of Curved Display.

This is the new technology in Mobile phone where the screen will be looked little curved as like OED Television.

Three big players LG, Samsung and Apple were fighting ” Who will Launch it first”. Finally Samsung the War with launch of it’s Galaxy Model Galaxy Round. The detailed features are still not revealed but it is said that this mobile will have big 5.7 inch screen display.

Samsung Galaxy curved displayGalaxy Round Leaked

What is Curved Display Screen in Mobile Phone ?

This is the common question – Curved screen are defined by Samsung as Round Interaction which allow the mobile phone to show few features including  battery life and notifications of Calls along with date and time even after when Home screen is kept off  while it’s on a flat surface.

Samsung Galaxy Rounde Price : it was initially launched in Korea with Price Tag of $1000 or Approx Rs 65,000/- in India with current Exchange Value.

Samsung Galaxy Round



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