BSNL ADSL Broadband Modem Price and Tariff Plan

BSNL ADSL Broadband Modem Price – Public Sector Telecom company Bharat Sanchar Nigham Limited(BSNL) various broadband and Wifi Modem price with tariff plan (Updated).
There are four different type of Modem provided by BSNL at different price range along with the accessories like Ethernet, Wi-Fi , USB, Terminal Adapter ports etc. They are
1. ADSL Basic Modem(CPE)
2. ADSL WiFi Modem
3. ADSL WiFi-TA Modem
4. VDSL WiFi Modem
Customer may have option to either purchase the modem from BSNL or get it on rent. These two options are available for different group of customers i.e. Prepaid and Postpaid services. These two options are 

  1. Modem on Outright Purchase under which modem are bought by BSNL after paying the full amount
  2. Modem on Rent , pay per month rent according the type of Modem.
BSNL Broadband Updated Price and Tariff chart for all the Four Type of MODEM including Installation charges w.e.f  07-12-2012 are  
Installation charges for Modem(CPE) Rs.250/-
(In case of Purchased/Rental from BSNL or Customer Owned)
Shifting Charges Nil
Change of Plan Charges Nil
Modem(CPE) Charges with two different options
(A) Modem on Outright Purchase
Ports ADSL Basic Modem ADSL WiFi Modem ADSL WiFi-TA Modem VDSL WiFI Modem
Ethernet One Four Four Four
Wi-Fi One One One
Terminal Adapter One
MRP Charges (Rs) ~ 1,400 2,100 2,550 3,250
(B) Modem on Rent
(i) Fixed Monthly Rental Charges for ADSL Modem(CPE)
Particulars Modem Type
ADSL Basic Modem ADSL WiFi Modem ADSL WiFi-TA Modem VDSL WiFI Modem
Monthly Rental(Upto 24 Months) Rs. 50 p.m. Rs. 80 p.m. Rs. 100 p.m. Rs. 130 p.m.
Monthly Rental (After 2 Years) Rs. 25 p.m. Rs. 40 p.m. Rs. 50 p.m. Rs. 65 p.m.
(ii) Security Deposit (refundable) : Rs 500
NOTE : Customer has choice to buy any of the above mentioned modem. 


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