Agitation By Bankers on 13th September – Justified ?

Being a banker do you believe that Agitation By Bankers on 13th September – Justified ? If it is my view, I must say it was not necessary. There is no requirement at all for such agitation when government and PM itself assure the early settlement of 10th Bipartite wage revision and there was a proposed meeting with Finance Secretary on upcoming 17th September. Had this agitation was done earlier , we would have supported him.This stage of agitation will be marked as “Game of Chuckers”.

There was no uniform decision making in this agitation, even there was not a formal Union or leaders at this agitation. Mostly young generation guys were present in this agitation and they were shouting `some fiery slogans. I suggest them to keep their enthusiasm for post 17th agitation if any fruitful decision are not considered by IBA.

Currently it is believed that IBA is agreed on 185% hike on pay slip cost.

This is my personal view and not biased with anyone. Every one has right to protest but this is a common cause of all bankers and there must be an uniform decision to follow.

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