11th Bipartite Salary Calculator For Bank Employees

Bank Employees 11th Bipartite Salary Calculator – 11th Bipartite Settlement for Bank employees are fast approaching i.e. 01st Nov 2017. Every one has started anticipating the approximate dearness allowance or basic pay after  the 11th Bipartite settlement. Bank Employees union has already submitted the summary of 40 points Common Charter of Demands – Bank Employees wages revision from Nov 2017 to IBA (Indian Baker’s Association). 

This page is purely dedicated to 11th Bipartite settlement inclusive of Revise Salary Calculator along with updated news about the 11th Bipartite settlement. Charter of Demands submitted by Bank Union are basic by nature and not extensive. 

Calculation of Salary for 11th Bipartite is not easier. Proposed Dearness allowance up to month of October 2017 are to be considered with merging of different slabs.

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The various components which are being merged for revised salary and Pay scale are :

1. Revision in Pay Scales by merger of Dearness Allowance up to October, 2017 and with additional loading to be fixed considering the various factors.

2. Merging Special Allowance with Basic pay.

3. Improvements in Special Pay, PQP, FPP and Stagnation Increment

4. Revised DA formula and improvement in compensation against price rise , consideration of Load factor accordingly.

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