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How To Pay Citibank Credit Card Bills Online ?

Learn to Pay Citibank Credit Card Bills Online easily – Paying Credit Card bills on time is necessity if any one want to skip the hefty penalty charged by Credit Card issuing banks. The amount of penalty is higher after the due date.

What if some one forgot the due date of his/her Citibank Credit Card Bills and just realized that he/her has less than a day for making  Citibank Credit Card Bills Payment? In such cases one may make a payment of his Credit Card bills following the various payment option.

Citibank offers a lot of credit card bill payment option including ePay, Billdesk payment, NEFT and RTGS from any banks, Mobile Payment of credit card bills for Citibank Saving account customers.

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The various Option for paying Citi Bank Credit Card bills are :

For Citibank Account Holders
In Citibank Online – Standing InstructionRTGS is the  With Citibank Online Credit Card payment option you can set up a standing instruction to pay either minimum amount due or total amount due.
Citi Mobile Citi Mobile best convenient payment option to pay Citibank Credit Card from your Citibank Account. Go through the link to pay your Credit Card bill using your mobile.
For All Other Than Citibank Account Holders
NEFT Pay Credit Card Due Instantly from any bank for non-Citibank Bank account.
RTGS RTGS is the best way to make payment by end of the same business day.
E-PAY This service is provided by Billdesk. Account holder of any bank may pay Credit Card bills online even if you don’t have a Citibank banking account. This will normally take 2 working days (excluding Saturdays & Sundays) to get credited into your account 
ECS  Electronic Clearance System (ECS). You are required to provide a mandate to Citibank authorising the transfer of funds from your account with other bank.
Visa Money Transfer(VMT) Non-Citibank account holder may use this option of Visa Money Transfer(VMT) for paying Credit Card dues on time.This will normally take 2 to 4 working days to get credited to your Citibank Credit Card.
Card payment from other bank website Citibank Credit Card has been added as Utility Biller with other banks. This option allows you to pay when you login to Online Banking platform of your non-Citibank Bank account.

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