How Can Investors Register Complaint using SEBI Scores ?

SEBI has recently launched an online application for investors who want to lodge grievances against mutual funds, listed companies or any other registered intermediaries including DMAT accounts. SCORES is the Mobile Application designed by SEBI to lodge grievances by investors against listed companies, registered intermediaries and other institutions.

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How To Register Complaint using SEBI Scores ?

  1. In addition to accessing the SCORES platform on the Internet, investors can now download the SEBI SCORES app and use it to file their grievances. The App has all the features of SCORES which is presently available electronically where investors have to lodge their complaints by using the internet medium.
  2. Once downloaded, one needs to register for using the services of SEBI SCORES application. During the registration, one need to mandatory give PAN, Mobile number.
  3. User can register through web link also at Click for SEBI Scores
  4. The complaints can be lodged in several categories, some of which are – mutual funds, depository participants, listed companies etc. one may also file a grievance against an investment adviser or research analyst. The launch of this app makes it easier for one to file compliant against stock brokers also.
  5. You can also check the status of any entity i.e. a company especially those operating collective investment schemes. This will help you know about the company credentials immediately. As an investor one should always deal with registered companies.
  6. After mandatory registration on the App, for each grievance, lodged, investors will get an acknowledgment via SMS and e-mail on their registered mobile numbers and e-mail ID respectively.
  7. Investors can not only file their grievances but also track the status of their complaint redress.

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