How To Check LIC Policy Status,Details Online ?

How To Check LIC Policy Status,Details Online ? –  Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has provided an easy access to all millions of their customer for policy status and amount with renewal date online. Now any of the LIC customer or Policy holders may see the premium, Unit balances or renewal date online.

There is also a provision to calculate the surrender value of policies, Loan eligibility etc through this online mode.

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Process To Check LIC Policy Status

Follow the instruction mention below for easy process of checking the LIC Policy Status Online through LIC website.

  1. Visit the LIC registration Portal Online Here
  2. Click on New User Registration


3. Enter the Details like Policy Number, Date of Birth, Premium amount, Email Id etc.

4. Click on Submit after providing all the details

5. After the submission, user need to Enroll all the policies

enroll policies LIC

6. Go to the Option Enroll Policies and enter detail of each policy

7. Once all the policies are enrolled, it will show the details as like Policy Number, Enrollment date, Premium amount and vested bonus.

8. In order to know the Policy status just click on the Policy Number, A new page will be opened with all the details

9. In order to know the Renewal date, just click on the policy number and it will show the renewal date with revised premium

Check LIC Policy Status on Phone and SMS

Policy holder may check the status of their LIC policy on Phone. To know Policy details through IVRS,  dial 1251. This facility is available 24×7 in almost all cities

For more information visit –

For getting details through SMS

Get  LIC policy status via SMS by sending SMS to 56767877. This service is chargeable as per your service provider.

Type the following in your mobile message box:

ASKLIC < POLICY NO > Desired code

  • To know your Premium amount:- ASKLIC < POLICY NO > PREMIUM
  • If your policy has lapsed, to know your revival amount: ASKLIC < POLICY NO > REVIVAL
  • To know the amount of bonus vested for your policy:- ASKLIC < POLICY NO > BONUS
  • To know the amount of loan you can avail against your LIC policy:- ASKLIC < POLICY NO > LOAN
  • To know the nomination details for your LIC Policy:- ASKLIC < POLICY NO > NOM

Send SMS to – 56767877

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