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How To Disable HDFC Credit Card International Transaction ?

HDFC Bank Credit card International transaction Enable/Disable – Learn in few easy steps for disabling or enabling the HDFC Credit card International Transactions. HDFC is having the largest credit card base in India. They are providing multiple type of credit cards for various segments like Rewards credit card for shopping, Platinum cards, Jet-airways cards etc.

As per the RBI guidelines, the credit card International transaction feature should be optional and customer must have control on this. In order to comply the guidelines, HDFC has provided the features for Credit Card customer using the Internet Banking.

Credit card holder’s of HDFC bank may use the Internet banking facility to enable or disable the International transaction on their credit cards as and when required.

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How To Enable/Disable  International Transaction on HDFC Credit Cards ?

  1. Login to HDFC Credit Card Internet Banking login –
  2. Choose the Tab – International transaction in Left Column
  3. Click on the link International Transaction

4. Choose the Credit card

5. Choose the option Enable or disable

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