How To Cancel SBI Account Mobile Number Update Request ?

SBI has given facility of updating Mobile number in account through Internet Banking. ANy individual or customer of bankhaving access to Internet banking of State Bank of India may use this faility to update his/her mobile number in the account.

Follow the process for updating the Mobile number in SBI account : Here

SBI also provides the facility for cancellation of any such request where mobile number updated in the account through Internet Banking. Customer will be having an option to cancel the already raised request following the below mention steps.

  • Login to OnlineSBI (
  • Go to ‘Profile’ tab.
  • Click on ‘Personal Details’ link.
  • Display Name, Email ID and mobile number registered in INB will be displayed.
  • Click on the hyper link ‘Change Mobile Number-Domestic only (Through OTP/ATM/Contact Centre)’.
  • A new screen ‘Personal Details-Mobile Number Update’ with three tabs ‘Create Request’, ‘Cancel Request’ and ‘Status’ will appear.
  • Click on ‘Status’ tab to view the present status (Pending/Successful) of your request to change mobile number through INB.
  • If you want to cancel the request, please click on ‘Cancel Request’ tab and choose the request.
  • Click on ‘Cancel Request’ button to cancel the request.
  • A message ‘Your Reference Number UMxxxxxxxxxx is successfully cancelled’ will be displayed on screen.


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