How to Protect Your Bank Account from Mobile Hackers ?

Know the way to protect your Bank Account from mobile hackers – checkout the some measures through which cyber fraud can be prevented. In recent times, lot of complaint has been received by the banks i.e. SBI, Canara Bank, PNB etc for unauthorized withdrawal of money from the bank accounts of the customer. There were various ill methods through which the cyber thugs had siphoned off the millions of rupees.

Recently the country’s largest lender State Bank of India (SBI) has said that the ‘security of your mobile is compromised when it’s infected with worms, trojan horses and other virus families’. SBI has listed some dos and don’ts to mitigate the security attack.

How to Protect Your Bank Account from Mobile Hackers ?

1) Never leave your mobile phone unattended

2) Do not leave unused applications and connections open.

3) Never connect your mobile phone to unknown or untrusted networks

4) Never keep sensitive information like passwords, usernames in your mobile

5) Never forward the virus-affected data to another mobile phones.

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What to Do in protecting the Mobile Banking ?

1) Take regular backup of data

2) Note down the 15-digit IMEI number

3) Always lock your mobile phone screen

4) Before transferring any data from mobile phone to computer, be sure to scan the data with the latest antivirus software

5) Update the mobile operating system regularly.

6) Don’t charge your mobile phones at charging stations. The bank had advised the customers not to charge their mobile at public charge station as malwares could infect their smartphone, thus in turn getting robbed off all their important data and passwords.

Checkout RBI Cyber Security Guidelines for the bank : Here


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