PNB’s Debit & Credit Card Customers Detail Compormised, Available Online

The Debit & Credit Card details of Punjab National Bank’s customer like names, expiry dates, Personal Identification Numbers and Card Verification Values etc are available online for purchase in $ 4.95 approximate Rs 3000 in Indian currrency. 

An online security firm from Bangalore has found the data available on one of the website and informed the Government of India and further information reached to Public Sector Bank Punjab National Bank (PNB). The name of security firm is CloudSek Information Security. PNB’s Chief Information Security Officer T.D. Virwani has confirmed it was working with the government to contain the fallout from the release of the data. The approximate number of Customers are 10,000+ as of now. The data available till 29th Jan 2018.

The infomration related to website is not made available to media due to higher sensitivity. The security firm has further informed that the website is not available on Google or any search engine and not indexed. There is a specific tracking tools required to trace the site. The said website involved in buying & selling of sensitive data illegally.


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