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List of Indian Railways Abbreviations For Ticket Reservations

There are number of abbreviations used by the Indian railways for number of usage while booking tickets or during reservation of online tickets. We have compiled the list of many of such abbreviations which are used by Indian railways commonly while reservation of tickets or Online Booking.

Find out your query about the Small codes printed on your Reservation Tickets and who are looking to find out the solution :

Various Accommodation for Reservation Class

1A             First class Air-conditioned (also Executive Class)
2A Air-conditioned 2-tier sleeper
FC First Class
3A Air-conditioned 3-tier sleeper
CC Air-conditioned chair car
SL Sleeper class
2S Second-class Sitting

Various short form printed on the Reservation Tickets

GN                                General
LD Ladies
HO Headquarter Quota
DF Defence
RC (RAC) Reservation against Cancellation


RS Road-side
PH Parliament House
FT Foreign Tourist
DP Duty Pass
HP Handicapped

Various Waiting List Abbreviations

RAC : Reservation Against Cancellation, It refers to a reservation of ticket for sitting accommodation until some berth becomes available. Any RAC ticket holders can board the reserved coach.

For sleeper type coach a Sleeping berth is allowed to RAC ticket holder for sitting purpose only. Two RAC ticket holders have to share the single seat of the reserved coach.

RLWL : Remote Location Waiting List , This is commonly the Waiting List tickets which is applicable when a Passenger intends to get into the Train from an Intermediate Station to the last station where Train terminated it’s journey. You will never get the RLWL from the originating station of the Journey.

PQWL : Pooled Quota Waiting List, This is the waiting list tickets which is shared by number of small station in the train route. Simply the PQWL is the waiting list ticket originated from the one Intermediate station to another intermediate station in the single route of any train. Like in case from New Delhi To banglore if some one take a reservation from Bhopal to nagpur. The Waiting ticket will be PQWL.

RQWL : Request Waiting List , This quota is used when there will be no Pooled Quota Waiting List in the Route.

CKWL : Tatkal Waiting List, when the waiting Tickets are taken under tatkal quota.

WL : Waiting List, When ever the waiting list tickets are booked from the originating station to termination station of single route in train journey.

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