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What is the Meaning of RLWL For IRCTC Rail Ticket Reservation Booking ?

Number of times you would have seen the Waiting List ticket appeared as RLWL with waiting number after booking via Online IRCTC ticket Booking Services. What does the meaning of this RLWL reservation of rail ticket ?

Here We have explained the meaning of RLWL Rail Reservation Ticket.

RLWL stands for Remote location waiting list. it means Road-Side Location Waiting List , which is applicable to generally long running trian. This is commonly the Waiting List tickets which is applicable when a Passenger intends to get into the Train from an Intermediate Station to the last station where Train terminated it’s journey. You will never get the RLWL from the originating station of the Journey.

This intermediate station has had certain quota like in Kolkata Delhi Rajdhani Express , Patna junction is the Intermediate station and when you intended to get the reservation from Patna station and If the reservation get under waiting list than such waiting list appear as RLWL.

It is as like the normal waiting list, only the difference is that Passengers in the Remote Location Quota Waiting List are cleared against the vacancies in General Quota available at the time of charting.

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