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How To Transfer Fund to PPF account Online ?

Public Provident Funds or PPF account are Investment account open for Minimum 15 years locking where maximum limit for transaction in a year is subject to a ceiling of Rs.1,00,000, by a maximum 12 deposits, during the Financial Year, for the Principal Amount.

 Mode of crediting the PPF amount i.e. customer has had various option in depositing the

money to PPF account 

  1. Through Cheque
  2. Through Online Transfer
  3. Through Internal bank payment
  4. Direct cash deposit to PPF account

 PPF account Deposit through Cheque?

 Any bank account holder can deposit the Cheque to his/her PPF account through Cheque favoring his/her Name by which the PPF account get opened with details of PPF account number. 

Another option is through depositing the cash to his/her PPF account directly from any of the branch of bank where PPF account is opened. 

PPF account transaction through Online Mode 

Crediting the PPF account through online mode is currently available to State Bank of India customers only. There is no provision for NEFT transaction for PPF account as on date. 

For enabling the PPF account through SBI Online Internet Banking Follow the below mentioned steps: 

  1. Log on to Online SBI retail section of the Internet Banking menu with your login credentials.
  2. Before transferring to PPF account through your SBI Internet banking you will have to add the PPF account as beneficiary
  3. Go to Payments/Transfers tab and click on the menu transfer within the SBI
  4. Click on the link Add beneficiary
  5. It will ask for your Profile password, just mention your password
  6. An activation code will be sent to your registered mobile, go to approve tab and enter your activation code
  7. Once it get activated, the PPF account number will be shown in the payment transfer option
  8. Select the Funds Transfer link under Payments/Transfers tab. All the online debit and credit accounts can be viewed here.
  9. Select the debit account from

    which you wish to transfer funds and select the PPF account. Enter the amount you want to transfer and remark. Remark could be any thing you want to show in your passbook as narration.

  10.  On confirming the transaction, you will be displayed a confirmation page with the details of the transaction and the option to submit or cancel the funds transfer request. A reference number will be generated for your record. 

This is the easiest form of depositing amount to PPF account if you have holding the PPF account with State Bank of India (SBI). 

For getting the maximum benefit of PPF account one must divide his annual investment of PPF in 12 Part and deposit the each part every month between 01-05. 

PPF interest is calculated for the outstanding amount carry on between the 5th of every month to last date of the month. 

PPF Withdrawal :

PPF investment are under locking period of 15-year but practically the year of opening account is ignored. Therefore, the account actually becomes a 16-year and account holder get privilege to deposit the maximum amount up to last day of 16th years.

Partial withdrawal from the PPF account is actually happen only in seventh year. The amount is limited to 50 per cent of the balance of the credit as it was, either four years back or one year back, whichever is lower.

Reviving Dormant accounts: In PPF account If the investor fails to subscribe the minimum Rs  500, the account is considered dormant. Loans and withdrawals are not available from a dormant account.

A Dormant account can be revived after depositing the minimum amount with penalty fees of Rs 50/- for each years account was dormant.

E.g.  Suppose you want to deposit 100000/- lacs in your account in a year, for getting the maximum benefit you may divide the amount in 12 EMI i.e. 8333 /- Now transfer the amount to PPF account every month between 1st dates to 5th.

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  • John Nelson


    Could you please explain why it is more beneficial when depositing the amount from 1st to 5th and not on other days of the month.Are the interest calculated yearly or monthly?

    • http://www.rajmanglam.com raj

      for interest calculation outstanding b/s up to 5th of the particular months are considered…

  • ramesh

    What if I deposit the entire amount in single transfer ? I.e,
    If I want to deposit 48000(4000 * 12) Rupees in a year. Instead of depositing 4000 Rupees monthly,
    I will deposit 48000 Rs at the starting month. Is it less beneficial ?


    • http://www.rajmanglam.com raj

      No, it’s better

  • vijaya

    how to transfer to ppf in SBI from karnataka bank

  • Soniya


    I have a ppf account in Bank Of India. I want to transfer funds online from ICICI bank to this a/c. Is this possible?

    • rajmanglam


  • Pankaj Gupta

    I am not able to understand why it is beneficial to deposit the PPF in equal installments over a period of 12 months. If suppose I deposit the entire 100000 amount between 1st to 5th of April every year , will it be less beneficial than depositing 12 installments ? Thanks .

    • rajmanglam

      Pankaj..agreed…..it is for those who doesn't have much money to invest…at a time…

  • harit

    i have a a/c with icici can i transfer amount to sbi ppf using internet banking

    • rajmanglam

      Yes, Through NEFT you can transfer fund to PPF account

  • Anant

    How can I reset profile password for SBI online banking account as I forgot my profile password and I am currently in USA.


    I have a saving account with State bank of travancore and PPF account with SBI. Can i add my PPF account as beneficary in my online banking of SBT for on line deposition in PPF accoount in SBI

    • rajmanglam

      yes u can after adding ppf a/c

    • Rajagopalan

      Yes you shall add it and transfer too, i do that.

  • vidushi

    can i take online statement for my PPF account in SBI or is this possible that PPF passbook can be updated in any sbi bank? i am asking about PPF account only..

    • rajmanglam

      There is no such provision, that can be done from branch only

  • pramod kumar


    I opened a PPF account yesterday at same SBI branch where i have a saving account. but i cant find it in my accounts when i log into the online banking. how do i enable it.
    meanwhile if i want to transfer money from my SBI savings account to PPF account how do i do it.

    can you please help me out with this.


    • rajmanglam

      You can transfer the fund to your PPF account through SBI Internet Banking after following steps :
      1. Login to your Internet banking
      2. Add Beneficiary to your account after providing PPF account number
      3. Once it gets activated, which is usually done after 24 hrs, you may transfer fund to PPF account.

  • http://www.myrupeeplanner.com/ Raj

    Heard from ICICI that NEFT is disabled for PPF accounts, is that true..?

    • rajmanglam


    • Kamal

      Its not true- My transaction got declined after adding PPF account as bene from ICICI

      • rajmanglam

        online fund transfer for sbi customers only

  • Bharat

    Dear Sir,

    I have to withdraw my PF amount, So can i directly transfer that amount to my PPF accoun through PF office?
    Plz reply

    • rajmanglam


  • Dinesh

    Raj, NEFT is possible by simple adding ppf account as savings account. I've been transferring from ICICI to SBI PPF for last one year via NEFT.

    • rajmanglam

      Thx for guiding….

      • Rahul Sharma

        @Raj: If you agree with dinesh..then plz edit your blog…

    • ranjeet kumar

      Dear Dinesh ,
      I wan to transfer it through IDBI bank payment .Is it possible through as account type is not available there .
      Plz help