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How To Choose Options For Posts in SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam ?

A very common question which I received almost every day from approx 100 asked by various viewers at this blog. You know what the common question is ? How To Choose the Various Posts option in various department through SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam ?

After the Recruitment Results of SSC CGL tier II, many of the candidates have scored well and they want to go for option other than, what they filled initially while filling the application form.

Such candidates were glad to know that Staff Selection commission (SSC) has changed the certain rules/ instruction of their recruitment policy for Combined Graduate Level Exam. Now It is decided by the SSC that they would not consider the option exercise by the Candidates while filling the form.

Candidates who have cleared the Tier II exam of CGL need to fill the fresh form once again with various options of Post they want to choose from.

What SSC Notification Says about this new Guidelines , “It has been decided by the Commission that options exercised by the candidates in the application form, broadly for Interview Posts and Non-Interview Posts need not be taken into account and that fresh detailed option for all posts included in the Examination be taken to provide an opportunity to the candidates total freedom in choosing the posts in exercising option irrespective where the posts or interview are non-interview posts.”

But There are certain rules which need to be followed before choosing the Option or must keep in the mind before filling the Form, They are listed below :

1. All the candidates selected after the Tier II exam of SSC – CGL are  either for interview or non-interview or Statistical Investigator and Compiler posts. They can exercise the post in below mentioned manners :

a. > There are results of three list of successful candidates are displayed by SSC they are List I, II, III

b.> Candidates whose name or Roll No. are appeared in both the Lists I and III may exercise the Option of Posts from any of the Way

i.e.  They can choose All Interview and all Non-Interview posts and posts of Statistical Investigator and Compiler . It means all the option from A to Y can be chosen by such candidates.

c.> If the Name or Roll No. Of the Candidates appear only  in List I , Such candidates may choose the Option of Post from All Interview and all Non-Interview posts other than posts of Statistical Investigator and Compiler. It means such candidates can’t choose the Compiler or Statistical Investigator Posts. The Option of Post Code they choose from the Form are from A to W.

d. >  If the Name or Roll No. Of the Candidates appear in both List II and III , Such candidates are not allowed to apply for Interview Posts. The only option they select for are from All Non-Interview posts and posts of Statistical Investigator (that is options P to W & Y) [ There is some dispute in SSC notification since the P To W doesn’t Include the Statistical Investigator posts and Post Y is the compiler posts]

e.> If the Name or Roll No. Of the Candidates appear only  in List III, Such Candidates may apply only for the Post of Statistical Investigator and Compiler i.e. Post Code  X and Y .

There is another golden chance for such candidates who wants the Jobs at their Place of Native. SSC is providing this option totally based on Merit.

See What SSC Rules Saying in This Regard : “Candidates are advised that State-wise options in order of preference for States /UTs are being sought to consider them for allotment in the even of their selection for posts / postings taking into consideration their position in the merit order subject to availability of vacancies / policies of the Commission in this regard. Candidates are advised to exercise preference for all States /UTs. They will not be considered for States /UTs for which options are not exercised by them.”

So, Choose the Option very carefully, You small mistake can cost you your Home Posting Because SSC treat the optioned once exercised in the Form as Final and will not considered any change later.

Read How To Apply for the Post Option To SSC : Here

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  1. Hello Sir,
    i have given Assistant in IB, Income tax Inspector, Inspector Excise as my first,fourth and fifth preferences respectively.
    so, does that means if i get some good marks then i will be provided with my first preference only or i can go for fourth and fifth preference also.

    Looking forward for your valuable reply


  2. sir , i am doing b.e and currently studying in last year. while filling the form i had given all the posts as my option .
    so please tell me what should i do now ? is it a disqualifying step?
    In tier ll exam everyone has to attend statistical paper or is it optional?
    please give the appropriate reply.

  3. Dear Sir,

    I have applied for 2013 SSC CGLE. My qualification is B.Tech with Diploma in EEE. I applied for the post of minisery of railway. is it possible to get a job in that sector. can u please tell me how to prepare. and eligible patern for that post.

    Thankimg you,

  4. sir
    i am persuing final year b.tech,i wil get my certificates with in june,
    am i eligable for this?

  5. Is compiler an interview post?


  7. sir I didnt give any option for non interview post….I am worried whether I will be considered for non interview post if I dont make the interview post

  8. I have quaified in ssc cpo 2012 tier1, Iwant to know more detail about tier 2 and physical test.

  9. Is is possible to change preference of post after tier 2 exam in ssc cgl?

  10. Hi Sir,

    I am a native of Delhi. I wanted to know that among CSS, CVC, IB, MEA, Min.of Railway, MoD etc., which one would give me a better career prospect. Also could you please let me know, which of these jobs is in Delhi and which is in other states.
    Thanks in advance.

  11. what will happen if someone has applied for all the post?

  12. are all the posts of assistants (eg. assistant in ministry of railway) in SSC CGl posten in Delhi? As I am from Maharashtra and I want to give the preference of state Maharashtra only?

  13. are there any chances of transfers from one place to another in statistical investigator job??

  14. i am working as a bank p.o outside my state .i want to appear for cgl 2012.what is the transfer policy.whether there will bwe frequent transfers after posting.plese guide me .awaiting your reply

  15. wat to write in section 13 ?

  16. in ssc graduate level exam form, maine galati se ek post 2 preference me likh di to kya mera form reject hojaega??????

  17. I had cleared the SSC CGLE-2011 for Non-Interview posts. But I'm yet to receive any letter asking for appearance in the DEST. A friend of mine who had been selected for the interview posts, had already finished his interview last year. When is the DEST conducted generally? And when can i expect the test?

  18. Sir, I will give ssc cgl 12 first time. My query is …

    1) Is Css posted Parliament, Delhi only…???

    2) Promotional opportunity for Css cader…??? i.e how far 1 can reach…???

  19. sir
    i am qualified for cgl non interview posts and i excersiged options through online but now i found my name in list candidates who do not sent their options.
    what should i suppose to do now pls reply me sir as i need a job very much
    i have the photocopy of options excersied form

  20. can anyone throw focus on my query.
    I got qualified for CGL (List-1). but i didn't attended my interview. reply
    whether my candidature will be cancelled or will be considered for non- int posts like auditors,TA
    plz reply as this is important for me

  21. resp sir can i have your number

  22. Sir,

    what are the procedures to be followed for OH candicate before medical board.
    what are the cerificates to be deposited and what are the medical board procedures

    i am new one for ssc exam kindly reply.

  23. Which is a better posts, Assistant (Cypher) or Assistant (General) in MEA?

  24. on filling online option form its saying Enter valid DOB and roll numbr again and again.. plz help

  25. Can any one tell me preference order of SSC-CGL option form–
    Assistant in CSS
    Assistant in CVC
    Assistant in Intelligence Bureau
    Assistant in Ministry of Railway
    Assistant (Cypher) in Ministry of External Affairs
    Assistant, Ministry of Defence
    Assistant other Ministries / Organizations (Parliamentary Affairs / Communication & Information Technology/BPR&D/Coast Guard)
    Income Tax Inspector
    Inspector (Central Excise)
    Inspector (Preventive Officers)
    Assistant Enforcement Officer in Directorate of Enforcement
    Inspector (Examiner)

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