FAQ : Syndicate Bank Mobile Banking Application Services

FAQ question related to Syndicate Bank Mobile Banking Application. Get and find the solution of some of the common Mobile Banking installation and problem related ti it’s installation.

  1. How many accounts can be linked to a single mobile number ?.

Maximum two accounts.  Opened under the same customer ID.

  1. 2.    Can Mobile banking facility be given to Minor account ?

No.  Any account opened in the name of a minor  or if any minor is a joint account holder, such accounts are not eligible for mobile banking.  Branches should ensure the same before sending the request through CIM78.

  1. What If I have changed the SIM and mobile hand set, do I

    need a new MPIN

Yes.  If customer changes his SIM (new mob number) he needs to request for new MPIN in writing.  He can again download mobile application by sending  SMS.

The customer needs to submit a separate request in writing.

  1. 4.    What If I have changed the SIM but wants to continue with the same mobile handset in which he has already downloaded mobile banking application ?

The customer needs to submit a separate request in writing with New mobile number clearly mentioned the problem.

Bank will  generate new MPIN for the customer.There is no need to download the application afresh.

  1. How to get new MPIN If  forgets MPIN ?

For new MPIN he should give the request at the branch. 

  1. What If I have  entered  Login password wrongly for more than 3 times and account  got locked  or  Customer entered MPIN (Transaction Password) wrongly for more than 3 times and MPIN got locked ?

The customer has to inform the branch in writing The account/MPIN will be unlocked within 3 working days from the date of receipt of the request from branch.

  1. 7.    Can I view my loan account, TD  details through Mobile banking.

No.  only CASA accounts are eligible for mobile banking.

  1. 8.    What is MMID?

Mobile Money Identifier (MMID)  is a 7 digit number  ( 4 digit bank bin number + 3 digit system generated number).  Syndicate Bank Bin number for MMID is 9025. 

To do Inter bank fund transfer one must know the mobile number and MMID of the beneficiary account .  Each account registered forMobilebanking will have different MMID.

IMPS solution will identify account number through a combination ofMobilenumber and MMID automatically and credit the amount to account.

For generating the MMID send the SMS To the mobile number


  1. 9.    Is there any limitation for amount that can be transferred to other accounts through mobile banking ( Inter bank  or Intra Bank).?

Yes.   The amount mentioned below is fixed by RBI.


With in our bank

Different bank (IMPS)

Through IMPS (SMS/IVR)

Rs.5,000 per day

Rs.5,000 per day

Through Mobileapplication*

Rs.50,000 perday

Rs.50,000 per day

Through SMS/IVR

Rs.5,000 perday


          (*Once the application based transactions are officially launched fund transfer limit will be fixed as mentioned above.  Till that time fund transfer limit is fixed at Rs.5,000/- per day only)

10. What If a transaction done through mobile banking fails, what about the amount already debited to the account? Will it be refunded automatically or manually it will be reversed?

Amount will be automatically refunded.  If due to any technical fault, it has not happened then it has to be manually handled.  In such  cases customer has to inform the branch in writing with full details.

For any other queries Just ask it below :

  1. How to reset forgot MPIN

  2. How to unblock mobile banking app

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    manjula harish kumar April 25, 2013 at 5:48 am

    I Want ot activate an mobile banking through online…whats the procedure..plz let me know..!!!

    • First of all apply to your branch for Mobile banking and get the mPIN….after that based on the Mobile handset download the application.

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