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RBI Grade B Officers Salary Structure – Rs 13 Lacs Per Annum

What is the Salary of RBI Grade B Officers ? This is the very common question asked at this site from many of the viewers. Based on the various information gathered from the circulars , Inner notification and friend’s sharing we have analyzed the Central Bank’s Grade B officers salary.

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recruit Direct Officers in Grade B through large scale recruitment almost every year. Based on the recruitment made through, Officers are placed in Grade B at anywhere in India. 

Initially Grade B Officers are placed at Probation for Two Years. After confirmation they are assigned the task of respected department.

Working with the Reserve Bank of India Itself a pride. They are future of India’s financial and economic faith. All the policies related to Monetary and market related are created by RBI. 

RBI Grade B Officers Recruitment Notification 2014

What are Good at RBI ?

There are many plus point for working with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) i.e. 

1. The promotion chart of Grade B officers are very good and a good performer may reach at the level of Deputy Governor or appointed at any of the International body like World Bank, IMF, ADB.

2. Reserve Bank employees, generally, have a 5-day week at work

3. Postings in metros or state capitals,

4. Not hectic work schedule – adjustable work atmosphere .

5. Competitive Pay Scale

Let’s see what a Central Bank Direct Officer Getting in term of Compensation. 

RBI Says that Total pay and allowances along with admissible perquisites attached to the Grade ‘B’ Officers post, considering market value of housing in Mumbai, work out to ` 13 lakhs p.a. (approx) on a cost to the Bank basis. Let’s see what makes the salary that much ?

Selected Grade B Officers are placed with a basic pay of `21,000/- p.m. in the scale of `21000-1000-30000-EB-1000-32000-1100-36400. Other components of salary are Dearness Allowance, Local Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Family Allowance, and Grade Allowance as per rules in force from time to time.

At present, initial monthly Gross emoluments are approximately `47,855/-.

Candidates who qualify both JAIIB and CAIIB may get the additional Rs 2000/- (i.e. Rs 900 for JAIIB and 1100 for CAIIB included in basic salary).


 Components of Salary                       Amount  Total Amount   
Basic Pay  21000  21000
Dearness Allowance  Varies Currently 84% Approx  17640
Local Allowance  5% OF BASIC  1050
LA Allowance 1,300  1300
Family Allowance 4% OF BASIC  840
FA Ceiling 1100  1100
Grade Allowance After confirmation 2250  2250
Special Allowance 2500  2500
Reimbursement monthly
Educational  2000  2000
House 2000  2000
Telephone 800  800
Petrol Allowance  120 Litre  9600*
Annual Reimbursement
Medical  4000
Books 4500
Briefcase 7000
TOTAL  Rs 77580*  Rs 62,080*

* Salary may vary upward depend on DA Rates and Increment in Basic.

The most important part above the salary is satisfaction. Being a regulator of the Indian Banks, it gives immense pleasure of working at nicest environment.

Apply for RBI  : Click Here

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  1. Hey, plz help me with few queries regarding grade B exmas ?

    *whether students having comm, CA, CS, MBA etc et any edge in interview or written exam?
    *the chances for freshers and experienced ones will be simillar, or they later will get a edge?
    *is the no. Of vaccancies every year are equal?
    * in one of the comment u said that the result should be decleared till the time of interview, so what time tentatively interview happens?

  2. Hi, I am currently 29 yrs old n applied for grade b
    does higher age adversely impacts career growth?

  3. hi mr Raj
    you have not replied me yet is your answer “no “. please reply im waiting

  4. hello ,
    i m tarika completed my graduation( BCOM)scoring 67% and then post graduatio MCOM (53%)
    completed MBA (67%) correspondence in FINANCE … BUT MY AGE IS 34 M I ELIGBLE

  5. Hi Raj,

    I applied for RBI Grade B recently. My percentage in graduation is 60.78% however my CGPA is 2.85 on a scale of 4. Could you tell me how to normalise this into a scale of 10? I also have a post graduation from Amity University.Noida with CGPA of 7.57 (67.78% marks). Am I eligible for this exam?

    • .
      How To Calculate Grading Score For Eligibility Criteria ?:

      If your score is in CGPA or Grade Scale in such case the score in percentage will be counted based on below pattern :
      Equivalent CGPA/OGPA/CPI or similar terminologies allotted on a 10-point scale
      Class / Division
      Aggregate Percentage of Marks
      I (First)
      II (Second)
      II (Second)

  6. Completed graduation in correspondence, but have an MBA in regular 2 year course. Am i eligible to apply as advt says first class in graduation or mba regular.

  7. I have completed MCA from Manipal Institute of Technology,Manipal in 2011. I have 10 months of work experience in Software Quality Assurance and 6 months experience in NON IT domain. Can i apply for RBI officer b grade post?

  8. They have mentioned that the exam is open for freshers and people with work ex.
    what are the chances of a fresher to become a b grade officer in Rbi.
    have you personally come across any fresher who is placed in this post in the previous recruitment processes??
    although i have applied for the exam,this aspect creates an impedance in my efforts for the preaperation.i feel like,even if i get good marks in Phase I and II,they will take job ex guys only.
    what are your honest opinions in this matter?

    • I let you know, every one has to pass the written exam…the previous recruitment shows that there are good percentage of Freshers…

  9. Hello,
    Thanks for the informative post. I completed my graduation in 2009 but was interested in writing so got into advertising field. However, I want to appear for this exam due to the prestige and benefits it boasts of. But coming from a non-commercial or non-management background, is it possible to crack through level and level two papers? My general awareness about the socio-economic topics is very limited. Can you recommend something to improvise in that field?

    • Dedication and Motivation is important in passing any exam, If you go through the profile of RBI Officers in Grade B , you will be amazed to see that 90% are just graduate…The level of exam is not very tough, only you need to prepare and practice well. If i give RBI paper to class Xth or XIIth boy to solve, he/she may be able to solve it. It is time which differentiate ?

  10. hi… i have done my graduation from correspondance… yet that university is recognized by ugc. i got 74 % in graduation… am i eligible for rbi grade b.. ???
    plz rply..
    thnx and regards..

  11. Hello,
    I finished my graduation last year with 57% in b.com, i have completed my financial modeling and business analysis course and currently pursuing CFA from USA.
    Request guide me through the educational qualification for RBI grade B post.

    1. i know that i am not eligible via graduation route
    2. i can go for masters
    3. i should do PGD in management ( cause dont want to waste one extra year in Masters)

    I confuse on the above points. wht should i do ??

  12. backlog contain in my semester so is it valid for applying ??

  13. hey , I just completed my engineering in computer .. but our result is not declared now so shall i eligible for this job ??

  14. what is the procedure of confirmation after 2 year probation,any exams or will get confirmed automatically after 2yrs.

  15. Hi , I am MBA with 65% way back in 2006 batch, right now I am in 31st year of my age I come under OBc category .. Can I apply for this RBI Grade B officer Job ???

  16. they mention that selected individuals would be placed anywhere in india. Do they give preference location? specially for females, in case of familes. Any idea about people being alloted office somewhere very far from address mentioned.
    Please help

  17. sir..i am in third year im luking to apply for the post of garde b officer in rbi …. is mba necessary for the job??? what is the pay???

  18. Can anybody help me out i am littlebit confuce.

    my confusion is as follow
    i have completed my bcom with 75% in 2012. & i am currently working with small electricals suppluier business as Accountant
    so my question is can i apply in RBI for Job of Grade B officer. or Any other Suitable Same vacanci in RBI.. what will be procedure for its

    please guide me

    My Email : [email protected]

  19. I’m in the final semester of B.Tech and my CPI is 5.32. Am i elgible to the grade B exam??

  20. Hi,
    I have a doubt. I am currently working with GOI, and my gross salary is around 70k/- month…
    In monetary terms only, Will it be useful if I switch to RBI?

    Actually, I am posted n south, and I want a posting in north, that is the motivation behind applying for the RBI..

  21. sarfraz shaikh

    what is difficulty level of the paper? can u please post some past papers?

  22. Officer is grade B….. What is position in RBI hierarchy??? Assistant manager, manager?????

    Pls reply

  23. Much awaited RBI Grade-B notification is OUT now =>

    Total vac 117 GEN 58, OBC 36, SC 15, ST 08.

    Phase 1 on 2/3/9/10 Aug.

  24. devina shrivastava

    Hey i wanna ask dat is the po come in the post of grade B

  25. when is the recruitment for RBI grade-B and assistant grade-B in 2014… is the notification out.. please let me know

  26. Guys thanx a lot for sharing ur exp.well I have s few queries abt rbi grade b exam myself working in ubi as a branch manager my age is 29 @ present but when the adv.will b published I will b 30 till then so will I b eligible then , I have nearly 5 years banking exp. So I guess their mite be some exemption ??? N secondly presently my basic is 21700 n which is going to incremented soon n gross salary isvaround 50 k/ month .so in terms of salary will it be beneficial for me?? Plz help me out

    • RBI Maximum age is 33 years with year of experience…Salary would be indeed higher in RBI at this scale..I suppose you are in Scale II…

  27. Hello Sir…
    please let me know in which city / cities the training of a rbi b grade officer takes place and how long the training goes after their recruitment ?
    Thank you for such a nice post…

  28. I have got 64 % in graduation and acc. to my university above 65% is first class.So let me know if I am eligible for Grade B.
    Thank you

  29. I’m a Graduate in Bsc Mathematics, Physics and computers with an agregate of 50% from all the semesters. Am I Eligible to take up Grade B examination?

  30. Appeared for phase 2 of grade B exam.
    Satisfied with my attempt. I think I might get a call for interview.

    so want to know about grade b interviews. can’t find anything on web. plz post about the kind of questions asked.

  31. Is final year engineering student eligible for rbi grade b exam?

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