How To Solve WordPress Categories and Tags Missing ?

Today morning I had face a strange problem with my wordpress blog. All Categories and Tags were disappeared from the Blog posts, although there were no problem and Related Post wordpress plugin was working fine but None of the Category were visible and all the pages with Tags and Category were going to Page No Found 404 error.

Unfortunately There is no solution of this error at any of the wordpress help forum or Non of the solution search after googling work effectively.

In my case also none of the solution worked except a Trial and error method applied by me.  Check out the process which really work for me.

How to Solve Wordpress Categories and Tags Missing ?

1. Go To your hosting cpanel

2. Click on phpMyAdmin —> check for your wordpress database

3. Check which of the field showing InUse term in description, If it is there just click on the check box of that field and go to very bottom of page where it shows repairs,analyze,drop etc function.

4. Click on analyze and run

5. after that repeat the process of Step – 3 and go to repair

6. After that repeat the Step – 3 and go to optimize.

7. Finished and check the main page of database…InUSE will not be there If it is you have got your Category and Tags

8. If you haven’t got your Category and Tags through this process repeat it twice or more times

9. If this process doesn’t work delete all non use field or outdated field from database.

This solution work for me and I got all my category and Tags. Don’t go for any other Plugin installation to get your Category, It will mess up your database.

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