How To Change Syndicate Bank Default Fund Transfer Limit through Internet Banking ?

Learn to change the default Internet Banking Fund Transfer Limit in Syndicate Bank. Any of Internet Banking customer of Syndicate Bank may change the default fund transfer limt following the below steps. Earlier customer has to visit the branch for changing the default Internet Banking Fund Transfer limit. Now any of the customer of Syndicate Bank can change the default limit using Internet Banking facility without visiting the branch.

Fund Transfer limit can be fixed between Rs 500 to Rs 5 lakhs. This is to remember that modified limit will be effective after a cooling period of 24 hours.

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The step by step process for fixing the default transfer limit using Internet Banking

  1. Login to Syndicate Bank Internet Banking application 
  2.  Click on ‘Customer Service’ tab, Choose option ‘Customer Level Limit’ from left menu
  3. Select the Required Transaction Limit and Click on Change Limit
  4. Verification Screen will appear
  5. Authenticate the Limit Change using 2F (OTP/RSA and Transaction Password)
  6. Get the Confirmation Page
  7. Limit Modified and will be effective after 24 hours

Watch step by step process in Video – here

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